‘Oviyum’ (ஓவியம்) ~ (meaning) a creative expression

We are an OPD company.

In the fine tradition of ‘jargonators’, OPD expands to ‘Outsourced Product Development’ . A strengths-based collaborative product development process where our design and technology capabilities meet your business capabilities helping you journey from concept to market.

Why are we helping you build products?

We are a team of problem solvers who geek out on innovative new ideas, math, philosophy, technology and design. We have also been part of multiple product development teams and even built a few of our own over the years. We decided to use all our learnings & experience to help others build their products.

Our capabilities

  • Design Thinking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Cloud & Edge Computing
  • Application Engineering

Our vision & values

The purpose of Oviyum is to help businesses and entrepreneurs bring new ideas to life. We believe that products and new technologies have the power to positively impact people’s lives exponentially and building one needs a mindset of care and excellence.

Are you looking for a reliable technology partner for your ideas ? Talk to us