Go to market with a well-engineered product

We have your back while you focus on the market opportunity

New product ideas need nurture, quality attention and care to increase the probability of their success. The risk of failure exponentially increases if a good idea meets bad execution.

We provide a complete package that can help you journey from idea to market.

We are a team with multiple execution cycles building ideas of different sizes and shapes. If you have a product idea, our experience and expertise can help you reach the market faster.

“Oviyum provided us with keen insights into switch management mobile app & cloud software. They helped us describe how to make our application consistent with industry best practice. The team spirit, knowledge and collaboration were remarkable and helped us to achieve the target.”

~ Raymond Lin, CTO, Volktek Corporation

Our approach to product development

Agile execution is the key to a product’s success. We focus on growing products with quick iterations of design and engineering. The figure below illustrates our process:

Customer success stories

Fleetfoot is an enterprise saas platform designed & built to manage large sized vehicle fleets. We re-architected the platform to use microservices & the cloud paradigm. Our engagement with Fleetfoot has lasted almost 5 years and going strong.
Lamungan is a cloud based element monitoring and management tool built for Taiwanese based OEM, Volktek Corporation. We implemented a complete solution including cloud & native mobile apps which can be white labeled to resellers and distributors.
Athprofile is a fitness and travel application built for GoHeritageRun. This is a social application designed to trigger and encourage people to challenge each other on fitness tasks. We designed and developed a mobile application using React-Native.
Vavarna, is an 84 year old , 4th generation handcrafted ethnic apparel manufacturer. We built an augmented reality device called “Vav Mi” virtual mirror using intelligent edge to enable their retail customers try out new clothes without actually wearing them.

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