Gain product momentum with team augmentation

Pull ahead with agile execution

Almost every new idea or initiative needs new skills or additional manpower beyond an organisation’s existing capacities. Added to that mix, go-to-market timelines make it a significant challenge to ship a quality product or feature in time.

We provide remote teams who work as an extension to your existing team to help you answer this challenge.

Our experience and proven expertise in augmenting product development teams makes us an ideal partner to your growth story.

“Oviyum has been our strategic product development partner since inception. They have been an extremely reliable partner with a very sharp focus on agility and quality of engineering. These attributes along with their new technology expertise ensured that we built the most competitive and cutting edge software product in the industry”

~ Brijesh Chandwani, Managing Director Octane Technology and Partner Singularity Strategic, Founder Beam Fiber ( ACT Fibernet)

Our engagement approach

Our remote teams are dedicated contributors to the product. They work as an integral part of the delivery team. Over the years we have refined and distilled three key elements for a remote teams success :


Key to a remote team’s success is the alignment of the team to the goals of the product.

A transparent and a product first approach helps our client’s energies to focus on the business.


Being continuously on same page is important for in-house teams and more so with remote teams.

Only experienced remote team players can perform adequately in this respect. We have battle tested our best practices over the years for a seamless experience.


A tools are only effective when a culture of transparency, excellence and an atmosphere of sharing are in place.

We choose the best tools based on the problem statements. We have our share of productivity tools but these continuously evolve based on our learnings.

Customer success stories

Fleetfoot is an enterprise saas platform designed & built to manage large sized vehicle fleets. We re-architected the platform to use microservices & the cloud paradigm. Our engagement with Fleetfoot has lasted almost 5 years and going strong.
Lamungan is a cloud based element monitoring and management tool built for Taiwanese based OEM, Volktek Corporation. We implemented a complete solution including cloud & native mobile apps which can be white labeled to resellers and distributors.
Athprofile is a fitness and travel application built for GoHeritageRun. This is a social application designed to trigger and encourage people to challenge each other on fitness tasks. We designed and developed a mobile application using React-Native.
Vavarna, is an 84 year old , 4th generation handcrafted ethnic apparel manufacturer. We built an augmented reality device called “Vav Mi” virtual mirror using intelligent edge to enable their retail customers try out new clothes without actually wearing them.

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